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Hello all.

I am working to recover the website

Whats going on?

Unfortunately on 16th April our web hosts switched off some of their servers during a routine clean up, causing all data to be lost on thousands of websites. being one of them.

As I've said in the past funds and time are very restricted and this couldn't have happened at a worse time for me. All backups were automatically saved to a separate server from the website, but unfortunately that went also. Hopefully I will get further updates on the matter, but support is limited at the moment. Rest assured I am doing my best to get this sorted.
Lucy xx

20th May - Still struggling to get any information regarding backups.
29th May -  It seems not many of the websites they lost are going to be recovered.

  I am gutted and not a happy bunny!

Please accept my apologies.

Contact Me

As all email addresses were also lost, its been difficult to be able to give updates. If you really need to contact me, you can do on this temporary email address.

You can also keep in touch via our Facebook Page.

Facebook Page
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